For parents of 2-12 year olds looking to STOP nagging and fighting at the table

End Mealtime Battles

Create Peace at Your Table So You Can Connect With Your Child, Raise a Healthy Eater, and Stop Stressing About Food

If you're tired of nagging your child to try a bite, dealing with fits about what's for dinner, and bribing your child with dessert just so they eat their meal... you're not alone!

And you don't have to stay stuck in the mealtime drama.

You just need the right strategies to eliminate the power struggles and help BOTH you and your child.

Whether you're concerned because your child:

  • is unwilling to try new foods...
  • doesn't want to eat 'enough'... or at all...
  • won't touch their veggies unless you make them...
  • refuses to eat unless they have their favorite foods...

Learning how to eliminate power struggles, while still holding boundaries, is the most effective way to help your child learn to like new foods, tune into their hunger and fullness, and eat a variety...

And when you stop fighting about eating their veggies, trying a bite, or getting dessert, you can actually enjoy your meal too!

End Mealtime Battles will give you the tools you need to stop stressing about what your child is eating while feeling confident you're setting them up with healthy eating behaviors for a lifetime!

  • Discover how to get your child to eat without bribing or punishing
  • Understand how mealtime battles might actually be backfiring to get your child to eat
  • Learn how to provide food in a way that naturally decreases the power struggles
  • Know what to do and say when your child refuses to eat what you make (and NO, you WON'T make another meal)!

End Mealtime Battles Includes:

75 minutes of self-paced and easy to digest VIDEO LESSONS

2 PDF GUIDES to review and apply your new strategies

CONVENIENT ACCESS to all materials on your phone app, tablet, and computer

One more thing...

Hi! I'm Nicole, and I'm so happy to connect with you here! I'm a Registered Dietitian and mom to 3 kids myself. So I'm no stranger to the "I don't want tacos. I want mac 'n cheese!" and "Gross! I'm not eating that."

Before I had kids, I had studied family nutrition and thought...
No problem! I know the rules and guidelines to follow for feeding kids.

And then... I had my own!
While research and textbook strategies are helpful, there's no substitute for real-life application and lived experience.

Like... "What if I follow all the steps, but then my kid says they're hungry right after dinner and begs for a snack?"

I've got you covered!

In End Mealtime Battles, we take the research-based family nutrition philosophy and methods and turn them into a real-life approach that actually works.