Help your child STOP obsessing about sweets & HAVE a healthy relationship with sugar....

...without restriction, bribery, or making candy the forbidden fruit

Helping your child FEEL like they have permission to eat sweets is the BEST (and ONLY) way to help them have a healthy relationship with sugar, so they stop obsessing about cookies, cake, and ice cream
...and can stop eating sweets when they've had enough.

And permission doesn't mean a free for all!
You just need the right recipe to create boundaries and structure without deprivation.

You know if you make sugar feel off-limits, it will only make your child want it MORE... but you also don't want your child to eat sweets!
When you learn how to talk about and provide sweets in way that allows you to maintain structure AND allows your child to feel like they have more control and permission... sugar loses it's energy and your child loses their obsession.

  • Learn everything you need to know about how to talk about and serve sweets, and all food!
  • Understand your child's behavior with sugar, and HOW you can help... without making it 'worse'
  • Feel confident about how to handle requests for sweets, instead of fighting about it!
  • Know that you are giving your child a life long gift, of a healthy RELATIONSHIP with sugar... because sugar will always exist and you won't always be there to control it.


What Making Sense of Sweets Member, JODY, Shared...

"Honestly, this course has been so wonderful and worth every penny (even with the USD to CAN currency conversion)! We are already seeing positive changes! I know that before finding you I had tried figuring it all out and always felt I was missing parts, huge parts."

What you get in making sense of sweets:
  • Understand your child's behaviors with sweets
  • Explore your own thoughts and feelings about sugar
  • See how the fear of sugar actually contributes to sugar obsession

  • Explore the research around sugar
  • Understand why your child's drawn to sugar and sweets
  • Get the facts on sugar and nutrition
  • Know how to feed your child within a structure that works for you
  • Understand your role in the feeding relationship
  • Learn how often and how much sugar to offer
  • Have practical expectations for your child's relationship with sugar
  • Know what's normal and what to do if things aren't changing
  • Get specific ideas for how to navigate various situations involving sweets


Which means you get all new versions of the program and ongoing support!

If you've never seen your child walk away from sweets, you might be thinking... 

My kid is obsessed.

That's all they ever want.

They're out of control.

And I get it!! But it's not that there's something inherently wrong with them.

It's like a recipe!

You can't bake a cake with only butter and sugar. To help your child have a healthy relationship with sweets, you need ALL the different ingredients...

And that's exactly what you'll learn when you join Making Sense of Sweets!


What Making Sense of Sweets Member, Marie, Shared...

from this:

"My child is obsessive. She loves anything sweet and must have a sweet every day. She has made herself sick and vomit due to overeating sweets."

TO this:

"My sweet obsessed child walking away from dessert when she had enough."

What is it worth for you too, to feel more confident and hopeful about feeding your child and to see your child more relaxed around sweets?

  • Imagine going out for ice cream and not feeling anxious about how much sugar they're eating
  • Think about serving dinner and not hearing, "What's for dessert?"... Non-stop!
  • What if you didn't have to fight or negotiate about candy and cookies?
  • Imagine watching your child take 2 bites of cake and say, "I'm done."

This is the peace I hope for you...
 Not that your child never wants another cookie again, but that sweets feel more in balance, easy, and enjoyable, instead of charged, obsessive, and exhausting.

And for $277, that's what Making Sense of Sweets will offer you and your child...
Peace, trust, confidence, and a healthy relationship with sweets!

What Making Sense of Sweets Members Shared
are their biggest wins and insights...

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Your No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

I know that investing in your family can feel like a risk when you're a loving, intentional parent who wants the best for your child. I'm also fully confident that this program is clear, concise, and delivers results. You can make small changes to get quick wins, while also developing a much deeper understanding about food and bodies. There's no question that the VALUE of Making Sense of Sweets far outweighs it's price (literally less than a single one-on-one session). For that reason, I offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Join today, and if in 30 days you don't feel like you've received value from the program, just email Show my team you've submitted questions, filled out your PDF workbook, and have gone through all the modules, and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked!

This isn't about me! It's about you, your child, and their relationship with food!
But just in case you're wondering who you're working with, let me give you a quick rundown...
I'm Nicole!
I'm a mom to 3 kiddos (9, 6, and 4 years old), and a Registered Dietitian to my clients.
I know, all too well, what it feels like to be frustrated, confused, and concerned, about what your child's eating, especially when it comes to sugar...
I also know what it feels like to have a screwed up relationship with sugar, and all sweets. And it's not fun! That's why I do what I do...
because I don't want that for you or your child
I believe in healing and that a healthy relationship with sugar is possible for everyone 💛